Monster Art

A couple of weeks ago, students in 2/3 FI completed an art activity using their name and symmetry. 

Students folded a piece of paper and wrote their names on the folded line. They cut around their names, opened the paper up and turned the sheets over to reveal a symmetrical shape. These shapes were then colored to create funny monsters. 

Check out their work below: 


Last week we completed our science unit in 2/3 FI.

Students were to think of a question based on an essential question. You can read all about this inquiry-base learning approach on one of our previous blog posts, Science in 2/3 FI!.

We discussed different ways students could present their information. They decided they could do a poster, a book or present their information orally.

We are proud of what they have learned during this process. Most students worked hard to find answers to their questions and learned many new things along the way.

Bravo, 2/3FI!

First week together of 2020!

Last year was our first week of 2020 together in 2/3 FI!

We welcomed a new student into our classroom… MATTIE! She was away with her family for a year in Australia. Welcome to 2/3 FI, Mattie!

We started the week by putting students into circles to share with partners what they did over Christmas vacation:

We finished off the week with an art project. Students were given the number 2020 on paper and were to use light colored pastels to blend their colors together. They did a great job!