Zooming with 2/3 FI – May 28th

We had a couple of zoom meetings with 2/3 FI this week and it was so nice to see some of our students!

Our first zoom was Thursday, May 28th at 11. For the first five minutes, it was just Mlle Nicholson and I:

But then Arbor and Halle joined, so we felt much better and had a nice little chat with these girls:

We had a bigger group at our 1 pm session:

It’s always great to see everyone.😃

À bientôt mes amis! 💜🖤


How to Comment on the Blog & How to use the Blog’s Thought Box

One of the activities we have suggested for students has been Raz-Kids. Students can use this online site to read books in both French and English.

We have worked hard to send weekly messages and rewards to students who have been working hard on Raz-Kids. We have had a few students wonder if they could send messages back to us. Even though students are unable to send us messages back using Raz-Kids, there are ways to connect with us using the blog.

How to Comment on the Blog

On the How to Comment page of the blog, there is an explanation of you can you comment on specific blog posts.

To make life easier, here is a video demonstrating how to comment on the blog:

How to use  the Blog’s Thought Box

On the Thought Box page of the blog, you can message us.

The Thought Box gives you an opportunity to share how you are feeling but can also be a way to message us just to say ‘hi’. These messages are NEVER shared on the blog. They are private messages between you, Mlle Nicholson and I.

Again trying to make life simpler, here is a video demonstrating how to use the Thought Box:

We hope to hear from you soon! 💜🖤

3-Digit Addition and Subtraction

This week grade 3 students are working on 3-digit addition and subtraction strategies. Here are videos to help you support your child:

3-Digit Addition Strategies

3-Digit Subtraction Strategies

And here is Mlle Nicholson demonstrating how to play the Circle Subtraction Game that was mentioned on the learning opportunities document:

You can also see these videos on the Learning From Home page of our blog.

2-Digit Subtraction

This week we’re asking students to work on 2-digit subtraction using the three strategies we’ve provided at the end of the Learning Opportunities document.

You can also find videos of these strategies on the Learning From Home page of the blog.

Happy practising! 🙂

Think Addition/Open Number Line

Make 10/Constant Difference

Base 10 Pictures/Blocks

Zooming with 2/3 FI – May 6th!

Here are some pictures and a video of “Je vois avec mon petit oeil…” (I spy with my little eye…) from our zoom meetings yesterday!

We had cats, dogs, siblings and a duck join our meetings this week. ☺️

Here are pictures from our 10 am session:

Here is picture and a video from our 2 pm session:

À bientôt, tout le monde! 🙂

2-Digit Addition with François & Isabelle!

Today François and Isabelle were able to zoom meet for the first time ever!

They worked on their 2-digit addition skills. You will see in the video that François just wanted to show his answer, but Isabelle kindly reminds him that he needs to show his strategy every time.

Check it out:

The original video was over 10 minutes, so we had to do some editing to get it just right. As with every time François and Isabelle are together, there may have been a little silliness.

Check out the video below for what didn’t make the cut:

Remember to always show your strategies when adding two 2-digit numbers! 🙂