Our First Week in 3 FI!

We have had a great first week in 3 FI!

Both mornings students have had the opportunity to engage in activities before school officially began at 8:30. Each table had a bin of activities to choose from. These included Lego blocks, jenga blocks, coloring sheets and geoboards with elastics. This routine will continue throughout the year.

Once the day began, we spent most of our time together reviewing school and classroom routines and procedures. This included a lot of hand washing and mask-using!

We listened to some music encourage hand washing! You can find these songs on the Music & Videos page of our blog.

Friday we discussed our classroom beliefs and what we could do to make our year peaceful, calm and respectful. Students worked with their table members around the classroom to come up with three ideas they thought were really important.

We came together as whole class and wrote the ideas down. Then we found the ones that seemed to be the most important and decided they would be our classroom beliefs and we signed them.

Wednesday I presented an art activity to the students. We discussed how wearing a mask hides our faces but how we are so much more behind our masks. We talked about some of the qualities we have and wrote them down. Friday we watched a video and started the activity.

Stay tuned for the final results!


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